Abra offers an array of services for financial institutions ranging from treasury, trading and lending. We work with traditional investment funds, corporations, and private enterprises to build custom programs for digital asset exposure and access to liquidity.


With over $1 Billion in assets powered by our retail cryptocurrency platform, we can provide access to entities looking to borrow fiat currency, stablecoins, and digital assets.

OTC Trading

Gain access to our OTC Trading platform to enjoy the lowest fees and the most competitive exchange rates moving between crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto trades.

  • Institutions

  • High-Net-Worth

  • Family Office

  • RIAs

Corporate Treasury

Put cash into non-inflationary digital assets to hedge against weakening dollars. Corporations with excess cash work with our team to create bespoke investment vehicles to convert cash to digital assets. Let us help you diversify your balance sheet.