Introducing: Abra Platinum services

Abra Platinum services are exclusively designed to enable you to deposit or trade larger amounts.




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Bigger trades made easy

Trade all the major digital assets with deeper liquidity, and extremely low slippage on a trusted and secure platform.


Bigger balances equal bigger yields

Generate up to 8% yield on your digital assets and US dollar stablecoins compounded daily.


Institutional Borrowing

Borrow USD or crypto with flexible loan terms and Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio.

Elevate Your Crypto Journey

A highly customized experience designed for all your digital asset investing needs


Enjoy deeper liquidity

Achieve better prices more quickly and easily with extremely low slippage.


It’s all about you

You’ll have a dedicated Account Director to help you every step of the way from onboarding to order execution.


Reduced fees

Request custom price quotes based on your order size, and fulfill it quickly at competitive rates.

How it Works


Sign Up Now

Fill out the form below to indicate your interest in the Abra Platinum – OTC services.


Onboarding Assistance

Your dedicated Account Director will reach out to you to understand your goals and complete a one-time onboarding agreement.


Request Your Quotes

Once onboarded, you can connect with your dedicated Account Director over Telegram anytime you’d like to place a large trade, deposit funds in the Interest Account, or borrow cash against your digital assets.


Execute Your Orders

Your Account Director will help you to successfully execute the order and will work with you until the final settlement.


OTC stands for Over-The-Counter services offered by Abra. The OTC services are designed exclusively for Abra customers interested in performing large digital asset trades, deposit funds in the Abra Interest Account, or borrow cash against their digital assets as collateral.

Abra Platinum – OTC services are available for Abra customers who are looking to trade or invest a minimum of $50,000 with Abra.

The service is available for free for Abra customers that qualify for the Abra Platinum – OTC program.

Your account director will be an experienced professional from the Abra team who is well-versed with the digital asset markets. Your director will be able to guide you every step of the way from onboarding to order execution.

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